Hello and welcome to Fantasy Gameweek, a new destination for fantasy football help for beginners, casual players, and those who want to be more serious. We will help you win your Fantasy Premier League mini-league, or just be more competitive if that is all you want.  

You will find us via Substack newsletters in your inbox, a podcast and our website. During the pre-season you can expect easy-to-digest guides to help you pick your team. You will receive an introduction to important concepts, team-by-team analysis, and rankings for each position. The team guides will be delivered through three articles looking at the big six, the promoted teams, and everyone else. In the week before the season starts we will wrap all this up for you in one place.

Our first newsletter was on our straightforward ZeroForward strategy for 2022/23, which we are confident will make you competitive in your mini-league with minimal thought. You can find that here:

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Introducing ZeroForward...
Hello everyone and welcome to Fantasy Gameweek, particularly to all the new subscribers who have signed up since we announced our launch last week. Today we want to introduce you to a Fantasy Premier League strategy for 2022/23 that we think will make you competitive with minimal thought - ZeroForward…
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During the season you can expect two newsletters a week from us - one rounding up the latest action and a second previewing the gameweek ahead with rankings for each position. For those of you who like to tweak your team on a Friday in the office or on Saturday morning on the sofa, our short and sharp emails will be the ideal guide to each FPL gameweek.

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So, who are we? 

The founders of Fantasy Gameweek are Graham Ruddick and Tom Selby. Between us, we have 30 years of experience in finance, journalism and fantasy sports, including Fantasy Premier League, NFL and other games. We now want to combine this experience into helping fantasy football players.

Graham was previously deputy business editor at The Times and media editor at The Guardian. In April he launched the Off the Lunch business newsletter on Substack, which you can read here

Tom spent seven years at a financial trade website, first as a reporter unclogging the messy and complicated world of pensions, then as news editor. He is now head of retirement policy at a FTSE 250 financial services firm.

Why subscribe?

We think lots of FPL players want more help, analysis and chat but don’t know where to find it. FPL has exploded in recent years and there were more than 9 million players last season. There is plenty of brilliant fantasy content around but there is also a quagmire of data.

We will combine our experience in financial markets, journalism and sport to help your team in a clear, quick and enjoyable way. We will present you with the options, not instructions and walls of numbers. We have spent our careers analysing markets and we know how to look for value in stocks. In FPL, the market is the players. Understanding value is key to how to play this game - after all, everyone starts with the same money to build their team, it's about turning that into the most points possible. However, we will also never lose sight of the fact that this is sport and sport is defined by the brilliance of individuals – who are brilliant precisely because they don’t conform to the average or data.

This is going to be a lot of fun and we look forward to enjoying the season with you.

Graham and Tom

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